Community Member Credit: Jose Vargas / Eddy Perez / Ethan Gniadek

Important Notes:

  • This setup uses your existing 5thgen Maxima clock spring. The 8thgen steering fits perfectly with no issues. All you need to do is route the clockspring wires through the center of the wheel.
  • For the horn, you use your existing ground wire from the 5thgen steering wheel.
  • We recommend going with the late 2018-2021 Maxima steering wheel and airbag combination. 2016-2018 have one airbag plug and the late 2018-2021 have two plugs. You need a dual airbag plug for the  5thgen. You cannot use a 2019-2021 airbag on a 2016-2018 steering wheel or vice versa. They have different mounting points. See reference photo in this post.
  • We do not have a specific wiring setup or how-to because we’ve discovered there are many different wheel various. The wheel used in this post was from a 2021 Nissan Maxima SR. We recommend using the factory service manual to convert the wiring to your existing setup. 

Working Features

  • 100% Working Airbag (No Blinking Airbag Light)
  • No CEL for ASCD steering controls
  • 100% Working Cruise control
  • 100% Working Heated Wheel Function
  • 100% Working Horn
  • Audio controls work but are a bit off due to different resistance in the 8GM steering wheel

2016-2018 vs 2019-2021 Steering Wheel Comparison

2016-2018 vs 2019-2021 Air Bag Comparison

Steering Wheel Reference Photos

Reference Videos: