Last Updated: 02/21/2022 @ 08:49 am

Community Member Credit: schmellyfart

Finally got a chance to dyno the swap today. I decided to spring the extra $10 for an AFR reading since my EU is disconnected. Grand total: $30 for two pulls. Same shop/dyno I used for my previous pulls with the 3.0.

Minor changes that might affect readings:

  • New tires 245/50R16
  • Finally had the car aligned after the swap.

Current setup:

  • 2002 VQ35 w/3.0 timing, DE-K Injectors & FPR, return fuel setup
  • Stock 5th gen intake w/ BOMZ  cone filter
  • PFTB
  • NWP 5pc spacers
  • Altima headers w/ 3″ y pipe back
  • VQ30 Spark Plugs
  • Fuel and timing are bone stock, no adjustments made.

236.96 WHP /221.51 WTQ


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