Credit: Z1 Motorsports

Here are the dyno results on the 2023+ Nissan Z. This car was a completely stock 6-speed manual and produced 356whp and 383tq. We’re excited to start applying what we’ve learned from our VR30 370Z to this new platform and helping the new Z reach an even greater level of performance!

Credit: ptatohed

I went to the “Dyno Day” at Dyno Extreme on Sunday, 03-02-08 in Stanton CA (near Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park) with James / The Wizard. Well, I got my highest horsepower to date! 322.76 HP and 307.82 TQ.

Last year I was around 240. So, with an 80+ HP increase, I’m quite stoked, to say the least. A HUGE thanks goes out to Jimbo “The Wizard” Ozouf for helping me crank out 3 pretty big mods in just a week before the dyno.

Total (power) mods and variables are as follows:

  • Un-tuned
  • Unless I say otherwise below, I have all OEM parts and the “stock” parts that come with the Stillen SC kit (yes this means: stock injectors, stock MAF, standard Vortech FMU with 8:1 disc, Bosch bypass valve, stock fuel pump, etc.)
  • One-step colder NGK platinum plugs gapped to 0.037”
  • 91 Octane gas
  • 13.7 lb 17” rims
  • 12.5 lb 12.2” rotors (stock are 15lb ea.)
  • Cattman cat-back
  • LSS test pipe (just for dyno and track days)
  • Warpspeed Fed Spec aluminum Y-Pipe
  • Fed Spec. left bank manifold (from Fanaticrock – thanks man!)
    (I did a CA spec –> Fed Spec left exhaust bank manifold conversion which eliminated the huge left bank pre-cat. I installed a Cattman O2 simulator for the two downstream O2 sensors)
    Vortech V2 supercharger, freshly re-built
  • 2.87” Vortech SC pulley (see boost/PSI information below)
  • Custom intake piping
  • A 5”d x 8”l PWR water to air aftercooler (barrel design) with a Bosch water pump, a Jackson Racing front-mount heat exchanger, and a Vortech ice chest/water reservoir.
  • Thermal insulation to protect the underside of the intake tubing from the exhaust manifold/engine heat.
  • 4th gen. Variable Intake set at 5200 RPMs (installed by The Wizard, the VI master)
  • Freshly rebuilt I30t VLSD automatic transmission (with Hayden #403 cooler)
  • Perma-Cool oil cooler (not sure if that results in a power increase or not, but, just in case)
  • I think that’s it. I hope I am not forgetting anything.
  • Oh, and my I30 fuzzy A, B and C pillars (good for at least 10 HP )

I have a bad memory but I think the mods that are new this time (322HP) from last time (240HP) are: one-step colder plugs, lighter rotors, Cattman catback, Fed. Spec. conversion, re-built blower (which fixed a chipped impeller blade and inlet oil leak), a few more PSI, larger PWR AC which replaced a smaller JR AC (see explanation below), 4th gen. VI, VLSD tranny with cooler, oil cooler. But I did have my fuzzy pillars last time (otherwise I would have dynoed at 230)!

As far as the boost / PSI level… Well, on the dyno I made maximum boost of 10PSI. However, I always hit 12PSI max on the street. The dyno owner/operator told me this was normal and it’s because the dyno has less of a load than the street. Huh?

I recently replaced my small 3”d x 11”l Jackson Racing (JR) water to air aftercooler (AC) with the PWR AC mentioned above. The PWR is supposed to be more efficient in cooling and result in less boost loss. I now lose 1PSI across the PWR AC where before I lost 2PSI across the JR AC. I also have a dual intake temperature gauge by Autometer. I have one probe upstream of the AC and one downstream. With my JR I would see about a 10 degree difference during idling/cruising and a max delta of 40^ during a full boost run. With the PWR I know see a 15-20^ delta when cruising and a 60^ delta during a full boost run. During the dyno, I added ice to the ice reservoir and saw a max delta of 85^!

Dyno Extreme didn’t hand out dyno graphs that day. So, excuse me for the digital camera photo of my dyno. The owner should be sending out the run files via e-mail shortly so I will post up the dyno when I get it. Also, these are the uncorrected numbers.

I’m really stoked. Two of my dreams were achieved at once: 1.) Break 300HP and 2.) Get a single-digit weight to horsepower ratio (~2900 lb / 322 HP = 9.00 LB/HP!!).

Credit: Aaron Jackson aka Aackshun

Bored, dumping all dynos in here from now on. These are what I would call the “final” dynos of each car (or that car’s final dyno with each motor), photos will be included if possible. Not all of these are my cars, but all are cars I’ve worked on and taken to the dyno.

1999 VQ30DE 5MT

Power: 190 WHP / 210 TQ


  • 190whp / 210 wtq STD – 4th Gear – Dynojet Unknown Model
  • 99 Maxima stock VQ30DE with a blown 5mt Transmission
  • eBay “Bomz” short ram Air intake with stock MAF
  • Stock Coil Packs
  • Stock Injectors
  • Stock Fuel Pump
  • OBX VQ35DE Headers
  • High Flow Cat
  • Cattman 3″ Exhaust
  • Stock ECU Tune

1996 VQ30DE 5MT

Power: 185 WHP


  • 185whp SAE – 3rd Gear Unknown Model Dyno
  • 96 Maxima 5MT VQ30DE 5MT w/ Original Motor
  • Bomz Short Ram Intake
  • NWP Spacers
  • Stock Coil Packs
  • Stock Injectors
  • 350z Fuel Pump
  • OBX 02-03 Maxima Headers
  • 2.5″ Test Pipe
  • Cattman 3″ Catback
  • Stock ECU Tune

2005 Altima SE-R VQ35DE 6MT

Power: 237 WHP / 231 TQ


  • 237whp / 231 wtq STD – Unknown Dynojet Model – 4th Gear 6mt 4.1 FD
  • 2005 Altima SE-R w/ Original Motor
  • AEM Cold Air
  • Stock Coil Packs
  • Stock Injectors
  • Stock Fuel Pump
  • Gutted Cats
  • Straight Pipes of unknown Diameter
  • Stock ECU Tune

2003 Infiniti I35 Gen2 VQ35DE 6MT

Power: 272 WHP


  • 272whp SAE – Dynojet unknown model – 4th Gear 6mt 4.1 FD – 7600RPM
  • 2003 I35 6mt Swap + 2nd Gen VQ35DE Altima Motor
  • 4″ Intake and Maf
  • 370Z Injectors
  • 370Z Fuel Pump
  • Stock Coil Packs (for the motor)
  • OBX Headers
  • 2.5″ Test Pipe
  • 2.5″ Mandrel Bent Catback (G35 Coupe Resonator and G35 Sedan Muffler)
  • Tuned on Haltech

2002 Infiniti I35 Gen2 VQ35DE 6MT

Power: 265 WHP / 241 TQ


  • The Video is from a dynocom but the numbers are from a dynojet, chill.
  • 265whp / 241wtq SAE – Dynojet Unknown Model – 6mt 4th gear 4.4FD (But V6 Gears)
  • Fun Fact! Same car and mods got 279 STD on a different dynojet and 257whp on the above Dynocom all within 6 months of each other
  • 2002 I35 6MT Swap + Same Altima motor that was in the 03 I35 above.
  • Sleeper Garage 4″ Intake and MAF
  • Ported Lower Manifold
  • Cattman Headers
  • Stock Coil Packs (for the motor)
  • GTR Injectors
  • 370z Fuel Pump
  • 3″ Test Pipe
  • 3″ Mandrel Bent Catback w/ Vibrant resonator and Vibrant Muffler
  • Tuned on RomRaider by AdminTuning

2002 Nissan Maxima TE Edition VQ35DE 6MT

Power: 204 WHP


  • 204whp STD – Dynocom unknown settings – 6mt 4th Gear 3.8 FD
  • 2003 Maxima TE 6mt w/ Original Motor
  • 4″ AdminTuning Intake
  • Gutted Cats (all 3)
  • 3″ Crush Bent Exhaust with a Vibrant Single Tip muffler only.

2001 Nissan Maxima  VQ35DE-K 5MT

Power: 187 WHP / 178 TQ


  • 187whp / 178 wtq STD – Dynocom same unknown settings as above – 5mt 4th gear
  • 2001 Maxima AE VQ30DEK
  • Short Ram Intake
  • Power Rod Delete
  • Stock Injectors
  • Stock Coil Packs
  • Stock Fuel Pump
  • Cattman Headers
  • 3″ Test Pipe
  • 3″ Side Exit Exhaust w/ a Jones Truck Muffler
  • Stock ECU Tune

2002 Nissan Maxima  SE VQ35DE 4AT

Power: 255 WHP / 250 TQ


  • 255Whp / 250wtq? (not sure forgot) STD – Dynojet Unknown Model – 3rd Gear 4AT
  • 2002 Maxima SE w/ Original Motor
  • 3.5″ Intake + MAF
  • Vias Delete
  • NWP Spacers
  • R35 GTR Injectors
  • Stock Fuel Pump
  • Stock Coil Packs
  • Cattman Headers
  • 2.5″ Test Pipe
  • 2.5″ Cattman Catback
  • TransGo 4AT FULL rebuild.
  • RomRaider tuned by Admin Tuning

Owner: Jiancarlo Smith

Year: 2005
Model: Altima
Color: Black
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE-R

Mod List:

  • Uprev Tuned by Nisformance
  • 3” Stainless BRM Catback
  • Manzo Headers
  • CGR 3.5” Intake
  • Stock HR Green Injectors
  • Jim Wolf Tech C8 Cams
  • Boundary Oil Pump
  • Oil Gallery Gaskets
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • Nisformance Stage 2 Clutch
  • JWT Lightweight Flywheel
  • Gutted 2016 Maxima Intake Manifold
  • Mishimoto Radiator
  • Red Lion Motor Mounts All Around


Performance Mods:

  • V2 Vortech Blower
  • CAI Custom With K&N Filter Capable of 900 CFM
  • 3″ Charge Pipe
  • Clocked Blower
  • 3.25 Pulley (10psi)
  • Exedy Stage II Carbon Clutch
  • Fidanza Flywheel
  • B&M SS
  • Cattman Y-Pipe
  • Cattman Fastcat
  • Cattman Catback
  • Bosch BOV
  • After I hit the recall button on the boost gauge, it read 9.5 psi.



Performance Mods:

  • V2 Blower
  • 3.25″ Pulley
    FMU (8:1 Disc)
  • T-Rex Aux Fuel Pump
  • Cattman Gen 3 Headers (Ceramic Coated Inside and Out)
  • Test Pipe
  • Cattman Catback
  • Exedy Stage II Ceramic Clutch
  • Fidanza Flywheel
  • 14lb Centerline Rims
  • Ngk One Step Colder Plugs (Gapped at .038)
  • Reclocked Blower With 3″ Charge Piping
  • Vortech Race BOV
  • MEVU is Activated to Open at 5100 RPMs via Harlan RPM Switch
  • No Filter on Blower

Other Goodies:

  • Autometer Boost Gauge
  • Autometer FP Gauge
  • Autometer Dual Intake Temp Gauge
  • Innovative Motorpsports LC-1 O2 Wideband Kit With Xd-16 Gauge

Other Info:

  • Stock Injectors
  • Stock MAF
  • Stock ECU

After Hitting the Recall Button on My Boost Gauge, It Read Exactly 10psi.