Credit: ptatohed

I went to the “Dyno Day” at Dyno Extreme on Sunday, 03-02-08 in Stanton CA (near Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park) with James / The Wizard. Well, I got my highest horsepower to date! 322.76 HP and 307.82 TQ.

Last year I was around 240. So, with an 80+ HP increase, I’m quite stoked, to say the least. A HUGE thanks goes out to Jimbo “The Wizard” Ozouf for helping me crank out 3 pretty big mods in just a week before the dyno.

Total (power) mods and variables are as follows:

  • Un-tuned
  • Unless I say otherwise below, I have all OEM parts and the “stock” parts that come with the Stillen SC kit (yes this means: stock injectors, stock MAF, standard Vortech FMU with 8:1 disc, Bosch bypass valve, stock fuel pump, etc.)
  • One-step colder NGK platinum plugs gapped to 0.037”
  • 91 Octane gas
  • 13.7 lb 17” rims
  • 12.5 lb 12.2” rotors (stock are 15lb ea.)
  • Cattman cat-back
  • LSS test pipe (just for dyno and track days)
  • Warpspeed Fed Spec aluminum Y-Pipe
  • Fed Spec. left bank manifold (from Fanaticrock – thanks man!)
    (I did a CA spec –> Fed Spec left exhaust bank manifold conversion which eliminated the huge left bank pre-cat. I installed a Cattman O2 simulator for the two downstream O2 sensors)
    Vortech V2 supercharger, freshly re-built
  • 2.87” Vortech SC pulley (see boost/PSI information below)
  • Custom intake piping
  • A 5”d x 8”l PWR water to air aftercooler (barrel design) with a Bosch water pump, a Jackson Racing front-mount heat exchanger, and a Vortech ice chest/water reservoir.
  • Thermal insulation to protect the underside of the intake tubing from the exhaust manifold/engine heat.
  • 4th gen. Variable Intake set at 5200 RPMs (installed by The Wizard, the VI master)
  • Freshly rebuilt I30t VLSD automatic transmission (with Hayden #403 cooler)
  • Perma-Cool oil cooler (not sure if that results in a power increase or not, but, just in case)
  • I think that’s it. I hope I am not forgetting anything.
  • Oh, and my I30 fuzzy A, B and C pillars (good for at least 10 HP )

I have a bad memory but I think the mods that are new this time (322HP) from last time (240HP) are: one-step colder plugs, lighter rotors, Cattman catback, Fed. Spec. conversion, re-built blower (which fixed a chipped impeller blade and inlet oil leak), a few more PSI, larger PWR AC which replaced a smaller JR AC (see explanation below), 4th gen. VI, VLSD tranny with cooler, oil cooler. But I did have my fuzzy pillars last time (otherwise I would have dynoed at 230)!

As far as the boost / PSI level… Well, on the dyno I made maximum boost of 10PSI. However, I always hit 12PSI max on the street. The dyno owner/operator told me this was normal and it’s because the dyno has less of a load than the street. Huh?

I recently replaced my small 3”d x 11”l Jackson Racing (JR) water to air aftercooler (AC) with the PWR AC mentioned above. The PWR is supposed to be more efficient in cooling and result in less boost loss. I now lose 1PSI across the PWR AC where before I lost 2PSI across the JR AC. I also have a dual intake temperature gauge by Autometer. I have one probe upstream of the AC and one downstream. With my JR I would see about a 10 degree difference during idling/cruising and a max delta of 40^ during a full boost run. With the PWR I know see a 15-20^ delta when cruising and a 60^ delta during a full boost run. During the dyno, I added ice to the ice reservoir and saw a max delta of 85^!

Dyno Extreme didn’t hand out dyno graphs that day. So, excuse me for the digital camera photo of my dyno. The owner should be sending out the run files via e-mail shortly so I will post up the dyno when I get it. Also, these are the uncorrected numbers.

I’m really stoked. Two of my dreams were achieved at once: 1.) Break 300HP and 2.) Get a single-digit weight to horsepower ratio (~2900 lb / 322 HP = 9.00 LB/HP!!).


Owner: Jiancarlo Smith

Year: 2005
Model: Altima
Color: Black
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE-R

Mod List:

  • Uprev Tuned by Nisformance
  • 3” Stainless BRM Catback
  • Manzo Headers
  • CGR 3.5” Intake
  • Stock HR Green Injectors
  • Jim Wolf Tech C8 Cams
  • Boundary Oil Pump
  • Oil Gallery Gaskets
  • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
  • Nisformance Stage 2 Clutch
  • JWT Lightweight Flywheel
  • Gutted 2016 Maxima Intake Manifold
  • Mishimoto Radiator
  • Red Lion Motor Mounts All Around



Performance Mods:

  • V2 Blower
  • 3.25″ Pulley
    FMU (8:1 Disc)
  • T-Rex Aux Fuel Pump
  • Cattman Gen 3 Headers (Ceramic Coated Inside and Out)
  • Test Pipe
  • Cattman Catback
  • Exedy Stage II Ceramic Clutch
  • Fidanza Flywheel
  • 14lb Centerline Rims
  • Ngk One Step Colder Plugs (Gapped at .038)
  • Reclocked Blower With 3″ Charge Piping
  • Vortech Race BOV
  • MEVU is Activated to Open at 5100 RPMs via Harlan RPM Switch
  • No Filter on Blower

Other Goodies:

  • Autometer Boost Gauge
  • Autometer FP Gauge
  • Autometer Dual Intake Temp Gauge
  • Innovative Motorpsports LC-1 O2 Wideband Kit With Xd-16 Gauge

Other Info:

  • Stock Injectors
  • Stock MAF
  • Stock ECU

After Hitting the Recall Button on My Boost Gauge, It Read Exactly 10psi.


Credit: Puppetmaster

I finally got this done and was pretty satisfied with the results, especially how consistent the curves are, I just wish the guy ran it to 6600 like I told him to. The AFR was much flatter than I expected too, considering it is untuned but is still in the high 12s, except for the last run. They did use a tail sniffer for the AF, FWIW.

Run 1 – 237 WHP 234 TQ
Run 2 – 239 WHP 236 TQ
Run 3 – 241 WHP 237 TQ

Current set-up:

GAB, Cattman Gen 2 headers, Frankencar b-pipe, Megan Racing axle-back, stock cat, stock 17s, stock base timing.


Community Member Credit: schmellyfart

Finally got a chance to dyno the swap today. I decided to spring the extra $10 for an AFR reading since my EU is disconnected. Grand total: $30 for two pulls. Same shop/dyno I used for my previous pulls with the 3.0.

Minor changes that might affect readings:

  • New tires 245/50R16
  • Finally had the car aligned after the swap.

Current setup:

  • 2002 VQ35 w/3.0 timing, DE-K Injectors & FPR, return fuel setup
  • Stock 5th gen intake w/ BOMZ  cone filter
  • PFTB
  • NWP 5pc spacers
  • Altima headers w/ 3″ y pipe back
  • VQ30 Spark Plugs
  • Fuel and timing are bone stock, no adjustments made.

236.96 WHP /221.51 WTQ


Owner: Bishnu Dinanauth

Year: 2000
Model: Maxima
Color: Black
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Trim: SE

Well, I had the day off today and decided to run a few errands. I had plenty of time left over so I gave Chris at No Limit Motorsports a call and asked if he had time for me to make 3 pulls on the dyno just to see what numbers I am pushing. Well, the rest was history.

The car is UNTUNED and was using windshield washer fluid for meth injection. I got there and the long drive on the LIE got the motor hot, luckily they had a car being tuned there which gave me about an hour to let my car cool down. Pics from while waiting:

Second and Third Run – Third run with the electric cutout open had no effect on the numbers.

Mod List:

  • V2 Blower
  • Cold Ait Intake
  • 2.87″ Pulley
  • Blitz BOV
  • Stock ECU with VAFCII Untuned
  • Pathfinder Throttle Body
  • Stock DEK Injectors
  • 3″ MAF Housing
  • Meth/Water Injection