Last Updated: 02/14/2021 @ 04:43 pm

Community Member Credit: Eddy

Just wanted to share my experience and review with E85 over the past 1+ year on daily driving on E85 through all seasons. Not a lot of feedback out there on using E85 for daily driving or in general for the Nissan Maxima. Prior to doing E85, I heard a lot of issues with it such as fuel lines will rust out and break, the car won’t start during winter and that car would never run right after a while. The only thing to be aware of is ensuring to buy an authentic fuel pump as there are a lot of fakes out there.

Since doing E85 and getting tuned, I daily drive the car with no issues. My car always starts up fine even through the coldest winter. I just ensure to keep up with oil changes and regular maintenance.


  • OEM R35 GTR Injectors
  • AEM 340 LPH Fuel Pump #50-1200 (My Write-up)
  • Tuned by Moncef @AdminTuning
  • E85 Fuel