Community Member Credit: KRRZ350 / MrCurst

Step 1: Remove #1 coil/plug and position #1 cylinder at TDC on the compression stroke.

Step 2: Remove upper half of engine mount and anything else that might get in the way of step 3

Step 3: Remove tensioner inspection cover.

Step3: Compress and lock the tensioner, then remove it.

Step 4: Using a 19mm socket, rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise until you hear the chain skip a tooth.

Step 5: Re-install everything and verify correct ignition timing and vacuum reading

This only applies if you skipped timing upon initial cranking, and only if it skipped on the crank sprocket, but I believe that’s where it skips every time.

Additional Notes:

  • If the chain jumped some teeth, the ONLY way to fix it is by removing the outer timing chain cover, setting the engine to TDC, removing the chain, then set your camshaft gears to the proper timing marks, make sure you are still at TDC, and reinstall the chain and check the alignment against the FSM. You can not adjust your engine timing with the cover and chain still on.
  • The Cam Position sensor controls fuel injection timing. Both crank position sensors control ignition timing.
  • If your chain has jumped a few teeth, I doubt the motor would even run and you should be throwing CEL codes for both cam and crank sensors and they would definitely be out of phase.
  • Indeed. 99% of the time if the chain jumps, it won’t run. However, if it goes one tooth off (I forget on which of the sprockets), it’ll run, just without cylinders 2 and 3.


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