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The Sun Auto Hyper force is an ignition enhancer, in which provides greater throttle response and smoother engine performance by providing optimal spark duration and maximum voltage output. This product is very effective at higher revs where a normal spark would diminish, specially on boosted 350Zs/ G35s. It prevents high rpm ignition miss that reduces peak power and the longer duration allows the Twin Power to improve lower RPM throttle response and torque.

The Sun Hyper Force system is the next generation high-efficiency ignition tuning and strengthening system. It works by absorbing all back electromotive force, which aids to improve plug voltage and promote complete combustion by producing higher coil efficiency. Also, the Sun Hyper Force System eliminates any ignition performance loss due to decreased electrical current under heavy throttle. Since ignition efficiency over the entire revolution range improves, available torque and acceleration response improves; this efficiency enhancement also contributes to better fuel efficiency and a reduction of harmful emission.


  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased torque
  • Better gas mileage
  • Improved throttle response
  • Longer battery life
  • Improved battery efficiency
  • Reduced emissions

This is a plug and play system, you connect the plugs from the coilpacks into the harness and there is a plug there goes back into the coilpacks.

6 Ground wire and 1 positive to the battery from the Blue box.

It flashes Blue LED light so that you know everything is up and running.

Uncovering the CF cover

After these it got really dark so i didn’t bother taking anymore pics, I need to clean up the wires and mount the box near the firewall , this system was design for the 350z but will work for our cars.

If you know how to do your own spacers or change your spark plugs you can do this upgrade. This is how I would rate the difficultly.


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