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My Racing Line End Links finally have up again for the second time. So I decided to switch over to the Moog. I got the fronts for about $50 from Advanced Auto Part using an online coupon code. Don’t get me wrong, the racing line ones were good for the time they lasted. I just didn’t expect them to break off like which is very dangerous on the highway and can cause you to lose control.

Parts Info from

  • MOOG K90352 Front Left $18.82
  • MOOG K90353 Front Right $18.97

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Nissan and Infiniti engineered their cars to be able to detect and sense when the vehicle is either in PARK or NEUTRAL. This is very important when installing a remote start system in your manual transmission Nissan Maxima or Infiniti to avoid the vehicle staring in gear (and causing an unwanted accident). Many folks (even longtime professional installers) do not know about this and therefore do not install remote start systems on manual cars. This is actually very straight-forward to do. 

Please note that the below is for the part where you tap into the Neutral Safety Input on your Remote start unit. You still have to follow the normal directions of installing the alarm or remote start unit. 

When the car is in Park or Neutral, the ECU will see 0-volts. If not at 0, the car will not start. You can easily test this with a multi-meter to confirm as we did. The ECU gets its signal from the Park Neutral Safety switch. It also goes by the name Neutral Safety Switch or Inhibitor switch (they essentially work the same).

The Neutral Safety Switch Wire is usually GREEN/ORANGE on Automatic cars, and GREEN/WHITE on 5/6-Speed Manual cars. You just basically tap into this wire and use it to connect to the Neutral Safety Switch Input on your remote start. Most DEI, Viper, Compustar Remote Start and Alarm systems have this. Once this is done, you will now be able to operate your remote start no different than how it’s down on Automatic Transmission cars. It’s very safe and reliable as the signal is coming from the ECU.

It is strongly recommended that you have experience or work with a professional alarm/remote start installer. Please be very cautious and always verify with a multi-meter when in doubt. If you are doubtful and want to test in gear, put in the last (6th) gear and make sure there are no cars around you. Keep your e-Brake on as well through the whole process. 

Pin Output References:

  • 4thgen: ECU PIN 22
  • 5thgen: ECU PIN 44
  • 6thgen: ECM PIN 102
  • Altima SE-R: ECM PIN 102
  • Infiniti G35: ECM PIN 102Will add others as I get them. 

1995-1999 4thgen ECU Pinout

NSS Wire – Neutral Safety Switch – Green w/ White Strip – ECM PIN 22

2000-2003 5thgen ECU Pinout

NSS Wire – Neutral Safety Switch – Green w/ White Strip – ECM PIN 44

2004-2006 6thgen ECU Pinout

NSS Wire – Neutral Safety Switch – Green w/ White Strip – ECM PIN 102

2005-2006 Altima SE-R ECU Pinout

NSS Wire – Neutral Safety Switch – Green w/ White Strip – ECM PIN 102 (Same as 6thgen Maxima)

Demo of How it Works

Photos of the little ones working on their family car. Remind them to check this site after 10 years as I’m sure they will appreciate it.