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This is the first true dual Exhaust for the 7th Gen Maxima. The system is full stainless, tig welded, and remarkably quiet when cruising down the road. It is mean, deep, and loud at low RPMs, and more G like when in the higher RPM range.

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True Dual

Got some dyno pulls tonight. Very happy with the gains, but not as much with the CVT and the actual power put down.  The baseline run (red) is just an intake and muffler delete on an otherwise stock car. The modded run (green) has 20×9 wheels, Akebono big brakes, intake, stillen under drive pulley, and the dual exhaust.

Base 179hp, 158tq
Mod 218hp, 217tq
39 whp, 59 tq gained over the base.


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Additional Photos:


Pulling into lot

Drive By


Pulling out of lot


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