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* Means that the track car has done part or all of the step.  Other numbers have come from research and other members that have kindly donated their numbers.

Specs/Weight from a 1996 Nissan Maxima (These weights are without fluids):

  • GLE 2982lb (extra weight items include the moonroof, climate control, automatic, dual power seats, BOSE, heavier wheels)
  • GXE 2886lb (bare bones 5 speed)
  • SE 2895lb (bare bones 5 speed)

Stage 1: (Still an everyday car.)

  • Aftermarket y-pipe (15lbs)*
  • UR or RVM UDP (3lbs)
  • Aftermarket Cat-back (5-10lbs)*
  • Remove Carpeting, cardboard, and everything else in trunk (6lbs)*
  • Remove Plate Under Steering Wheel. (2lbs)*
  • Remove support bar behind glove box. (2lbs)*
  • Remove plate behind back seat (6lbs)*
  • Remove Sound deadening under hood. (2lbs)*
  • Remove handles on ceiling (1lb)*
  • Miscellaneous bolts due to removing things. (2lbs)*
  • Aftermarket Cat (2lbs)*
  • Lighter rim/tire combo (I have not personally fulfilled this with my 18”s, but it really does help.) (Varies)
  • Aluminum Flywheel (12lbs)*
  • Swap stock seat for ultra light racing seat (32lbs each/64lbs total)
  • Swap out hood for CF hood (29lbs)
  • Change body to CF (Bumpers, fenders) (Fiberglass Bumper 5-10lbs , Fiberglass Fender 12-18lbs)
  • Ground Control Coilovers (34lbs)*
  • Floor mats (Can switch to diamond plated and still save (3lbs) or remove for (10lbs)
  • Switch from glass headlights to plastic (95/96-97-99) (4lbs)
  • Stock Fog lights (6lbs)*
  • Lighter Battery (Varies)
  • Replace Stock antenna with aftermarket(2lbs) (Get rid of antenna all together 4.5lbs)*
  • Fast Brakes Kit (Those with at least 16” rims) (32lbs)

Total Savings of Stage 1: 229lbs-+274.5lbs

Stage 2: (Even more, maybe for track use.)

  • Remove Visors (3lbs)*
  • Remove rear view mirror
  • Underbody Plastics (Total of 15lbs, to include under engine and in fender wells)*
  • All non-essential hoses air boxes and other things Removed from engine (Net weight of 10lbs)*
  • Trunk arms (Things that hold up trunk when open) (2lbs)*
  • Extra bar in front bumper (97-99)
  • Windshield wipers (2lbs w/out motor 7lbs w/ motor)
  • Side view mirrors (5lbs)
  • Owners Manual (1lb)
  • Headrests (3lbs)
  • Underbody hitches (4lbs)
  • Brake dust shields (3lbs)
  • Remove Jack (4lbs)*
  • Remove Metal piece that holds jack (2lbs)*
  • Remove Spare Tire (May be included in stage one, if not afraid of flat tires.) (28lbs)*
  • Remove Heat Shielding for exhaust system (8lbs)*
  • Remove Sound Deadening under carpet (aka tar) (So far removed 13lbs)*
  • Remove Back seat (30lbs)*
  • Remove Passenger Seat (48lbs)*
  • Remove interior panels (per panel 3-4lbs)*
  • Remove ceiling (7lbs)*
  • Remove Carpet (12lbs)*
  • Remove Unnecessary dash pieces (approx 2lbs but could be more)*
  • Remove AC (~33lbs)*
  • Remove Power steering (Papasmurf does not recommend doing this one)
  • Remove all seat belts accept for driver (10lbs)*
  • Swap out steering wheel for aftermarket (3lbs)*
  • Remove airbags (May be illegal.) (Just driver side total of 12lbs w/ passenger 26lbs)*
  • Remove e-brake and all components
  • Remove Stereo, speakers and all sound components. (approx. for factory 18lbs)
  • Remove power windows and locks.
  • Cruise Control System (1lb)*
  • Remove Rear Heating Ducts (3lbs)*
  • Replace Gas Tank with Aluminum Fuel Cell (Weight reduction will be different depending on size of tank)
  • Replace sunroof with solid plexiglass roof (Will weigh less than even cars without sunroofs)
  • Cutout unneeded metal
  • Cutout spare tire well and replace over with sheet metal

Total Savings of Stage 2: 294lbs-317+lbs *Will be much more once all the items’ weights are included.

Total Savings of both stages: 523lbs-591.5+lbs *Will be much more once all the items’ weights are included.

Things to Remember:

  • Gas in tank (6lbs/gallon)
  • Water in windshield reservoir (8.3lbs/gallon)

Special thanks to ptatohed, Papasmurf, Dave B, and Nealoc187. 

Screen Prints (Courtesy of ajcool2)



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