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Community Member Credit: Eddy

These puddle lights are a nice clean edition. Back in the day they use to have “Street Glow”. I find these are much cleaner and only turn on with either a door unlock or when you open door. Installation was pretty easy and straight-forward. You just need to make sure you align the LED pods so they don’t look out of place. I’ve had them for many years through rain and snow with no issues.

Price: $24.99
Item Description:
Brabus Style White 90-LED Underglow Under Car Puddle Lighting Lamp Universal
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  • 2 x Strands of LED puddle lights
  • 3M double sided adhesive pads
  • Screws


  • Number of housing per strand: 5
  • Number of LED’s per housing: 9
  • Total of LED’s: 90
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Voltage connections: Hardwire, pair, ( Black – ) ( White or red + )
  • Wire length to power source: 5 Feet
  • Wire length between LED housing: 11 inches
  • Total length: 9 Feet

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