Introducing Racingline’s new High Flow Pre-Cat exhaust systems for the 2004-2008 Nissan Maxima. Engineered to be a 100% bolt on, these units feature fully metallic core Stainless steel high flow cats that flow more than double that of the OEM units they replace, resulting in 8 HP and 14tq at the wheels.

Price: $499.99
Part Number: HFPC-A34

Designed as a “header alternative” for cars that are experiencing failed pre-cat units. Until now, if a pre-cat failed your only options was customizing a header set (that takes upwards of 8-10 hours installation with no guarantee against SES/CEL lights) or going to the Nissan dealer and spending $700 each on the pre-cat units.

Racingline HFPC’s feature:

  • 100% bolt on performance in under 4-hours
  • 3-way ODBII compliant metallic core substrate units that flows more than double that of the OEM units
  • No CEL/SES lights.
  • No modifications
  • Tig welded 304 stainless steel body’s
  • 8hp & 14l ft/lbs @ the wheels
  • weigh 10lbs less than the OEM units
  • Will work with Racingline, OEM and all other Ypipes designed to mimic the stock mounting setup

Installation Instructions:

PDF Version: HFPC_Install


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