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Issues: My power sunroof switch stopped working this weekend on my ’03 Maxima GLE. I pull it backwards for the sunroof to slide back and nothing happens?


  • This happens to me almost every time I disconnect my battery terminal. I found that this will usually fix it: Use the sunroof tilt switch to open it all the way (you will have to push it a bunch of times), and then do the same thing to close it all the way. Once you open it and close it all the way using the switch, then try using the slider switch thing, and it should open. If it doesn’t, turn your car off and back on and try again. This works almost every time for me.
  • You shouldn’t have to open it all the way. Just close it and hold the tilt switch (close) until you hear a click…that will reset the switches.

How to Fix/Reset Sunroof motor:

  1. Close your sunroof all the way.
  2. Turn off your car.
  3. Disconnect your battery.
  4. Turn on your lights, and step on your brakes. Do it like 10 times. (You are basically draining the system.)
  5. Hook up your battery.
  6. Tilt your sunroof up, then back down.
  7. Pull back on the slide lever. It should be fixed.