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Since the radiator coolant conducts electricity, the stray voltage will travel through it to find a ground. To prevent this from happening make sure the engine and frame are correctly grounded.


  • I used 460mm (18.11in) flat braided wire with one end ring terminal just like regular ground wire and the other end alligator clip.
  • Alligator clip clamps to the radiator while ring terminal bolts onto the chassis ground point.


I got better scan data on the effectiveness of the radiator ground. The car tested is SM525V so basically applicable to all A32 variants. *The car has 2 point custom ground, and the comparison is between additional radiator ground.

Radiator fan operating time reduced. Probably means the cooling effect has improved since coolant temperature is the same.

This is before the radiator ground. Highlighted data is injector operation. The 2 data points at the bottom are AFR alpha and AFR alpha (rear bank).
Before radiator ground: Injector operation 2.9ish ms, AFR alpha 104% and 102%

This is the data after radiator ground: Injector operation 2.8~2.7ish mS, AFR alpha 101% and 99%.

This is data from the same car with radiator ground.


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