Last Updated: 05/19/2022 @ 02:06 am

Community Member Credit: iansw

So I’ve been asked to do a write-up on how to make the Z32 MAF setup work with the JWT ECU + 370cc Injectors while Supercharged on the charged side.


With the Z32 MAF on the charged side and stock Stillen piping the car idles horribly, bucks hard when cold, and is generally not drivable.


The Stock Stillen piping doesn’t work well with this setup. After spending a year trying to figure out if it was compressor surge, vacuum leak, etc, etc it turned out the reason (And solution) is quite simple.

I needed 3″ Piping.

The reason is not compressor surge or any performance boost with 3″ piping. The reason is simply that with the flange on the stock Stillen piping facing the way it faces, it causes the MAF harness to face up or down.

It must face towards the battery – like this:

As soon as I had the 3″ piping in originally (With the harness facing up) – it still idled and ran horribly especially when cold.

Turned the MAF 90 degrees – and problem solved.


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