Member Credit: EddyMaxx

I wanted my cluster to match the rest of the LEDs in my 1998 Maxima. I liked the blue color so I ordered those. The install was pretty straight-forward and the final outcome is awesome. I’m going to sand down the orange on the needle for a clear look.

Special thanks to Brad Conner for the assist! You can find his install instructions here.

Part Number: NEO5-BHP (This is only for 1998-1999 Digital Clusters. For 1995-1997, you need T10/194 bulbs bulbs)

Order Link:

The LEDs

Before Pics

Back Side of Cluster

These are the 5 bulbs to change to the NEO5-BHP bulbs.

Note: These LED bulbs are polarized. If a specific bulb does not light up, you will have to adjust it. It took me a few tries but I finally got them all working. Make sure they are secured as you adjust them so that they don’t fall out if you hit a speed bump. Also, it’s recommended to fully test the cluster with new bulbs installed before putting everything back in.

New LED Bulbs Installed

Final Result. Next step is to sand down the red on needles for a better look.