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Finally got in to the 12s with my car NA yesterday. The atmospheric conditions were sick, though my traps left me a little disappointed I was hoping I’d see 105-106mph, not sure why this car isn’t making as much power as I expect it to, maybe the 3.0 cams really are a limiting factor, but I was ripping it out of the hole anyways and managed to run a couple 12s as well as a bunch of 13.0s. Pulled the best 60’s I’ve ever pulled, all 1.7s and a lone 1.6. My car was a big hit with people convinced I was spraying and searching for the nitrous line.

Anyways, my setup is:

  • 2002 VQ35 with 3.0L cams and 3.0L cam timing equipment and VIAS Blockoff plate
  • Y-Pipe
  • Autozone cone filter on a stick
  • 3.0L Throttle body
  • Custom 3″ from the flex section back
  • ACT HD PP and ClutchNet 6 puck sprung hub
  • TRE trans built by yours truly w/ Quaife LSD and PPG 3rd and 4th straight cut gears (TRE detailed, deburred and shot peened stock 1st, 2nd, 5th, TRE shot peened PPG 3rd/4th)
  • M&H 8.5x26x15 slicks at about 11.5psi on some random 15×7″ wheels
  • Stock 3.0 ignition timing and mid to high 12s AFR (coarsely tuned, my laptop has been dead for a year so I cannot fine tune my emanage, so I just set the AFR to mid/high 12s using the little dials on the front of the emanage).
  • No weight reduction other than no AC (which is going back in this winter) and stuff like lighter wheels, coilovers, Fidanza flywheel, etc.

I was launching the car at 5500rpm slip-dump, then tried 6000′ on my 1.69 60′ run and it still held. Never did try higher than that. Probably should have tried redline just to see what it would do.

Weather was ridiculous yesterday, that’s why I went to the track when only 1 other person could go with me. my buddy jason who has a really nice turbo 3rd gen. his brother took videos so hopefully I will have those soon.
Temp 43F, dewpoint 25F, pressure 30.33 made for a nice low DA of -600 feet LOL. It was actually even lower earlier in the day, but I got to the track later than I wanted. Oh well.

Something else weird, on my first 4 runs (including my 12.92) my car was breaking up between 5000and 5500rpm. I don’t know what that’s about. I’ve never experienced that before but I rarely floor this car on the street so who knows. Maybe old plugs or something, really not sure and I don’t remember it happening on my last 2 runs.

My runs were, in order:

  • 13.07 @ 103.2 1.78 60′
  • 13.02 @ 103.2 1.76 60′
  • 13.01 @ 103.2 1.73 60′
  • 12.92 @ 104.0 1.69 60′
  • 12.93 @ 104.0 1.73 60′
  • 13.04 @ 103.5 1.73 60′

Here’s the video of my best pass of the day.




Huge congrats to NISformance on breaking the record for the fastest NA VQ in the 10’s. Not every day you see a 10-second Maxima at the track. The car did 10.97 @ 126 MPH on December 7th, 2019. New milestone for the VQ community.

Track information:

  • 60ft-1.6606
  • 1/8 ET- 7.06
  • 1/8 MPH- 101.42
  • 1/4 ET- 10.97
  • 1/4 MPH- 126.65

Car Info:

  • 2002 Nissan Maxima (5thgen)
  • 6spd trans 4.1 gear with HLSD
  • 2010 Maxima engine with JWT cams
  • NISF* cold air 3.5” intake
  • NISF* Headers
  • NISF* 3.5” exhaust
  • Haltech elite 2500 ECU
  • Aeromotive fuel cell with a1000 pump
  • 26″ slicks
  • VP Racing “M5” Methanol race gas
  • Race weight 2,450 lbs


NISformance just broke the all motor 1/4 track record running 11.75 @ 114 MPH 1.8 60 ft. The event took place at Fayetteville Motorsports Park in North Carolina on October 7th, 2018.

NISformance is just warming up and getting started. Below were the previous 1/4 record holders in order.

  • Sandeep Sher Gill – 11.78 @ 116 MPH
  • Aaron Kimball – 11.97 @ 113 MPH

Video Run:

Time Slip:

60 FT – 1.83
1/8 ET – 7.60
1/8 MPH – 96.07
1/4 ET – 11.75
1/4 MPH – 114.07
Air Temp –  88
DA = 2064

Car Info:

  • 2002 Nissan Maxima
  • 6-Speed Transmission 4.1 Gear w/ Open Diff
  • 2010 Maxima Engine (100% Stock)
  • NISformance Cold Air 3.5” Intake
  • NISformance Headers
  • NISformance 3.5” Exhaust
  • Haltech Elite 2500 ECU
  • Aeromotive Fuel Cell w/ 1000 Pump
  • Car Makes 316 WHP on Slicks and 324 on Street Tires
  • Race Weight 2480 lbs


Owner: Abdala Streetz Fernandez

Year: 1997
Model: Maxima
Color: Sage Mist Green (FS0)
Transmission: Automatic 4-Speed
Trim: GLE

Here’s a video of the recent PBIR track visit, this was an 11.4 @ 125mph 1.8 60ft. I was hoping for this to be a 10second run. It turns out, once again I ran the best time in two gears like the last track visit. This time due to user error (a solenoid became unplugged somehow). This was with 2nd and 3rd gear only.

Vid Credit: Chris Forsythe


Big Congrats to Josh Emory. His 5thgen Nissan Maxima hit an impressive 10.6 sec run at the track yesterday. Holding it down for the Nissan Maxima Community and setting a top new record.

my4dsc Build Feature: https://www.my4dsc.com/josh-emorys-gen2-vq35de-turbo-5thgen-nissan-maxima/

Track: New England Dragway
Event: Import Face-Off
Date: May 16, 2021 | 2PM
1/4 Time: 10.6s


Another Run Against GTR – 11sec Run