Last Updated: 03/09/2019 @ 09:46 am

Member Credit: Angel Peña, Jose Rivera & Azeem Malik

When you first glance at the 2019 Nissan Maxima, you’ll quickly take notice of the updated exterior headlights and tail lights. Now if you already own a 2016-2018 8thgen you’ve likely already asked the big question…. will the 2019+ Maxima headlights and tail lights fit my car? Below is what you need to know:

Front: The headlights do fit fine. But as noted in the pics below, there is a small gap under between the bumper and headlight. But the good news is that if you swap the bumper, headlights and grille… you will be all set. This is exactly how the 04-06 6thgen Maxima’s swapped to the 07-08 refreshed bumper and headlights. It also appears you may get a “headlight error” on the dash after the swap. When we get more info, we will update this post on how to resolve it.

Rear: Direct Fit. Plug-n-Play. Will not throw any error codes.

Note: For the rear, you may need to get some resistors to avoid hyper-flashing if you have upgraded LED bulbs. Resistors are just a few bucks and a quick fix. You can get the on eBay for $5-$6 bucks. Search for 50W 6ohm Load Resistors. The headlights themselves are around $800-$1K for the full set.

Part Numbers:


  • 26545-9DJ0A – Backup Lamp Assembly-Left-Hand
  • 26540-9DJ0A – Backup Lamp Assembly-Right-Hand

Rear (Total Approx. $740):

  • 26545-9DJ0A – Backup Lamp Assembly-Left-Hand (Approx. Price: $130.00)
  • 26540-9DJ0A – Backup Lamp Assembly-Right-Hand (Approx. Price: $130.00)
  • 26555-9DJ0A – Combination Lamp Assembly-Rear, Left-Hand (Approx. Price $240.00)
  • 26550-9DJ0A – Combination Lamp Assembly-Rear, Right-Hand (Approx. Price $240.00)

Front Headlights


Swapped to 2019 Headlights with 2016 Bumper

Here you will notice the small gap.

With Full 2019 Conversion… Much Better and perfect fitment:

Rear Tail Lights

Swapped to 2019 Tail Lights. Direct fit and plug-n-play. 

Video’s of Rear Tail Lights by Jose Rivera