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I’ve seen plenty of 6th gen brake swaps into 4th/5th gens but I’ve never seen them modified to clear 16in rims.

I have 16s, spring and stuts, I plow through potholes in NYC, I’m never going to drive low and SLOW and avoid all potholes like some others with huge rims and lowered cars.  With that being said, I needed bigger brakes to help me SLOW down better.

I already had 11″ 2000 Max rotors and 4 piston wilwood dynalite calipers.
good for 60-0mph stops, but doesn’t fare too well with repeated high speed braking (100mph+)

so back to the drawing board I went – The result is this thread

old brake setup: 2000 Maxima(thicker than 95-99) 11″ rotor with dynalite 4-piston wilwoods

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they clear 15s with no problem!
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OLD setup vs New (11″ rotor vs 12.6″ rotor)

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Here’s where the fun begins:

To put 6th gen brakes into a 4th gen you need to enlarge the caliper mounting holes on the spindles.

Stock is 12mm
Need to enlarge holes to 14mm

So I got spare spindles, drilled them out, replaced wheel bearings, and cut off the heat/splash shields to clear bigger rotor.

I mounted the 6gen rotor and caliper to spindle with a wheel spacer to hold it in and test the fitment on 16s.

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It didn’t fit so time to bring out the grinder!
I grinded off the following parts of the caliper:

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and then grinded some more and some more..

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and then test fit it
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and got it down to this
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once it cleared without issues I painted them
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old SS brake lines were all nasty and weathered so: New Goodridge SS brake lines
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I did not need to use wheel spacers – they fit under the rims

SO TIIIIIIIIIGHT!!! I love it!!!
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Braking is greatly improved. Had this setup since the end of summer and no rubbing, no issues just good brakes.

How do they compare to the Wilwood’s?
The wilwood’s did have a better initial bite (4 piston clamp vs 1 piston) but when you step on the 6thgens they just hold and hold like no tomorrow. Wilwood’s would hold until a certain point and then start slipping (rotors gets hot)

For a typical drive around there’s no difference in braking 50-0, but when you push the car hard repeatedly, or braking from high speeds – they perform very well.



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