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This is not a guide by any means, just familiarizes you with what is involved. This is not a job for someone who doesn’t have intermediate/advanced wrenching skills – so you’ve been warned. It took me a week to disassemble my first 5spd back in 2005, now ~3 hours.

If you are not familiar with how a manual transmission works internally, or are not confident in your abilities or can’t deal with issues when issues arise – leave this job for someone who knows it well.

I did not show the disassembly of shift forks/pins/how to set the check ball system/reverse gear/proper way to re-shim new bearings and other complex parts of rebuild, so once again this is NOT a how-to guide in any form or shape – I’m just posting pics of my progress.


All ordered from Nissan = NACHI/NSK/NTN high quality Japanese bearings.
I’ve seen cheap kits with unknown bearing brands (made in china) and would not recommend using them due to the questionable quality of bearings

  • Input shaft bearing 1 – 32203-03E13
  • Input shaft bearing 2 – 32203-03E00
  • Main shaft bearing 1 – 32273-79E00
  • Main shaft bearing 2 – 32223-79E62
  • Pass side diff bearing (open diff – 2X) – 38440-96E00
  • VLSD driver side diff bearing (EXPENSIVE) – 38440-79E01
  • Input shaft seal – 32113-03E00
  • Shifter yoke seal – 32858-03E00
  • pass side axle seal – 38342-81X01
  • VLSD driver axle seal – 38342-51E00
  • open diff driver axle seal – 38342-81X00

How do you know if you have open diff or VLSD (the dumb way – look at the transmission)?

If axle seal is small = open diff (left)
If axle seal is large = VLSD (right)

Name: vlsdcasedifference.jpg Views: 49 Size: 39.3 KB

Now that you know what transmission you have you can get the proper seals/bearings.. not gonna be cheap (VLSD bearings are ~$450)

Name: 20140427_141731.jpg Views: 43 Size: 76.6 KB

Starting disassembly

Name: 20140421_140757.jpg Views: 34 Size: 123.6 KB

Name: 20140421_145506.jpg Views: 25 Size: 101.8 KB

Shift forks, main/input shafts and diff is out

Name: 20140421_153026.jpg Views: 30 Size: 122.9 KB

OLD bearings off

Name: 20140427_135727.jpg Views: 26 Size: 93.1 KB

OLD bearing leftovers

Name: 20140427_122252.jpg Views: 25 Size: 98.7 KB

Shift yoke out

Name: 20140427_135744.jpg Views: 26 Size: 102.2 KB

Cases cleaned

Name: 20140427_144633.jpg Views: 22 Size: 107.2 KB

Yoke with new seal and boot in

Name: 20140427_185217.jpg Views: 24 Size: 93.2 KB

New bearings pressed on

Name: 20140427_185152.jpg Views: 27 Size: 75.4 KB

Assembled and sealed (need to swap speed sensor)

Name: 20140504_155235.jpg Views: 21 Size: 98.5 KB

Old Transmission Out

Name: 20140503_182543.jpg Views: 20 Size: 52.9 KB

VLSD Transmission going in

Name: 20140504_164435.jpg Views: 22 Size: 95.6 KB

NEW axles, NEW throw out bearing

Name: 20140504_185203.jpg Views: 21 Size: 91.1 KB

and that’s all.. fun times y0!!

If anyone remembers MAXUS09. I broke a shift fork on my 5spd during the last pass at MIR (shifting into 4th). Drove back to hotel in 4th gear only, pulled my trans out in hotel parking lot to find what broke inside. I got a blown tranny brought by ghostmax/i2vicious for parts (BIG Thanks again MD guys, and to NWP Aaron for the mat and jack I borrowed!!!)

I took that blown tranny apart for the part I needed, fixed my trans with it, put it back into the max, and drove all the way back to NYC.


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