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Ok guys after spending a lot of time and money last year I ended up using an automatic shifter dubbed shift-fast for my automatic transmission.. It is just some relays connected to a RPM switch (Emanage\UTEC\MSD). It works fine, it allows me to shift at any RPM I desire automatically which is great for the track. However it doesn’t control the converter lockup and I have to use the exact same shift RPM for each gear. The trans takes longer to shift from 2-3 than from 1-2 so the RPM is higher for the 2-3 shift, not exactly what I want. I was trying to come up with another way while watching the snow fall and although using 2 window switches would solve part of the problem its just more wiring and relays. Grey99 has also spent a lot of time working on the automatic shift-fast and has his own version working quite well.

I decided to do some searching to see if anyone else had come up with an easier solution. After a few hours of searching I ran across a device made for the automatic Supra that does it all. Suprastick V4. Individual shift points for each gear, torque converter control for each gear, 2 maps (one for race one for normal), manual shift mode using paddles or switches, shift light, automatic protection from downshifting. It is a complete standalone TCU programmable via a PC. I have been in contact with the President and Chief Design Engineer Garrett Rowe who assures me he can easily change the code so it will work with the Maxima shift pattern.

The Suprastick manual can be downloaded here: SSv4.6 – Manual

I checked the G20 FSM and your trans in the same number of solenoids and same shift pattern as the Maxima/Altima so this will work.

Ok here goes. Does the SupraStick work? Yes, exactly as advertised. It comes packaged like this.

There are a number of programing screens to set it up but this is the most important one. There are 2 maps for auto shifting one for track and one for street or whatever. Just insert the speed you want it to shift at with the applicable throttle opening and bingo it does it. I have 2 switches one to select map 1 or 2 and another to select manual or auto shifting. I use the cruise control buttons for the manual up down shifts and it works great. One of the options is to set an RPM limit for downshifts, whatever you set this RPM for the trans will not downshift if it is exceeded to save your trans.

Does it work at the track? I waited until today to post this. There were around 24 cars in the field and I managed to win it all. Not too bad for an old guy that was paralyzed from the neck down 8 months ago. Youth and skill can be overcome by old age and treachery every time.

This is a pic of the display which is available for approx $35 to show mode, gear, throttle opening, speed and rpm.