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This how-to will walk you through installing a GS-100A flashing brake module on your 5thgen Maxima. You can buy them in different configurations depending how quick you want the module to flash. You will need 1 module for each taillight (they are usually sold in pairs). 

Model #: GS-100A
Price: $7.65-  $8.00 (comes with two modules)
Purchase Location: Available on eBay and Amazon (and many other online stores)


  • Installation is very easy, simply tap this controller module box in-between the brake light and the wiring harness and that’s it.
  • This LED flash strobe controller allow you to convert the vehicle brake lamp to quickly strobe for 3 times, then flash for 3 times and then constantly lighting up.
  • This strobe/flash feature can better alert the vehicle behind you to prevent any rear-end collision.

Installation Process

Step 1 – First you need to locate the brake light wire and the running light wire. On all 5th gen models (00 – 03), the brake wire it self is green with a yellow strip and running light wire is green with a white strip. You will want to cut the brake wire in half and splice off both ends.

Step 2 – Connecting the leads from the module into the brake light wiring itself. On the module you’ll notice that there is a 2 sets of red and black wires. One side is IN and the other side is OUT.

Step 3 – Connecting the wires. On the harness for the brake light you will want to splice into the ground wire (black) and connect both black wires from the module into the ground lead from the harness itself.

Step 4 – Connecting the IN and OUT red wire leads. The IN side of the module will connect directly to the harness side of the wire directly and the OUT side will connect to the bulb connector side of the 2 spliced wires mentioned in step 1.

Step 5 – Now apply black electrical tape to all connection where you either spliced into ( ground wire) or connecting spliced connections ( green w/yellow stripe wire ) and mount module in safe location. Once done the results should look like such:

Final Product



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