Last Updated: 04/16/2023 @ 06:11 am

Credit: kukx30de

Found a set of Heated 7th gen seats locally that were in good shape. Got them home, cleaned them up, some modifications using the 5th gen bottom frame and 7th gen backrest and voila they work great!

Still to do:

  • Add some leather on bottom of frame to cover up some open areas
  • Mate heated seat wiring to 5th gen harness
  • Figure out how to fit 7th gen thigh extender on 5th gen driver frame
  • Complete driver side

I can already say the 7th gen seat is so much better to ‘hug’ the body. I have 5.5 gen seats and I always slide around. Something to liven up the interior as part of celebrating 350k miles!

Update 4-14-2023

  • And we have successful test fit and working! Minor sticking of the position switches that need a little filing and re-fitting. I was also able to use the 7th gen side trim. Thigh extension also fully functional
  • Next thing will be to get the power lumbar working.
  • Tried the seats around the block and just love the hug feeling vs sliding around in the 5.5gen seats I had!



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