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There may be times where you are wondering these two things:
Why doesn’t my car beep when I lock the doors?

How do I get rid of that annoying horn beep when I lock my doors. Well below are your answers.

These are the two modes that you can set through your remote:

1) Hazard mode where only your hazards flash when you lock the car with the remote. (No Horn Honks)

2) Hazard and horn mode where the horn honks.

To switch between modes:
Push the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously for more than 2 seconds to switch from one mode to the other. When pushing the buttons to set hazard indicator only mode, the hazard indicator flashes 3 times. When pushing the buttons to set hazard indicator and horn mode, the hazard indicator flashes once and the horn chirps once.

In Simple Terms:
You press lock and unlock simultaneously on the fob, until you see the indicator lights on the car flash 3 times. This indicates the horn mode is now switched off. If you do it again it will switch horn mode on.

Please Note: If you change the horn beep or the lamp flash feature with the keyfob, the mode will not be changed with the display. Use the keyfob to return to the previous mode and re-enable the display control.


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