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I finally got around to installing the trunk support arms I bought from Amazon. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lift was never great, and after adding sound deadening, it barely worked at all.

I purchased the StrongArm 4078 Nissan Maxima Trunk Lift Support, one per pack, and ordered two packs.

Removing the Old Supports

  • Use a small flathead screwdriver to loosen the clip at the back of the lift ball.
  • Pull straight back to remove the supports.

Installing the New Supports

  • Clean and re-lubricate the mounting points.
  • I found a better screwdriver to use for mounting the new lifts.
  • You might not need to do this, but I pulled the clip back during installation as well.
  • Cleaned off the goop from my trunk and finished the installation.


This is the trunk in the mid-position—it stays in place now and no longer falls on anyone.


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