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Here’s a slide show I pulled together this morning after I removed the ECU from my 99 Maxima. I read some ECU removal instructions and was able to remove the ECU in about 20 minutes or less.

While I purchased a new Offset Ratchet Screwdriver Tool with a #2 Phillips, once I started the job, I quickly realized my existing 8mm Swivel Head Gear Wrench would stay mounted on the ECU bracket bolts and make the removal go faster.

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Step 1 – Disconnect Battery

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Step 2 – Remove ECU Covers

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Step 3 – Remove ECU Wiring Harness

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Step 4 – Remove Left Side ECU Mounting Bracket Bolts

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Step 5 – Remove Right Side ECU Mounting Bracket Bolts

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Step 6 – Lower ECU Away From Mounting Bracket

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Step 7 – Remove ECU

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