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Manufacturer Part NumberYearTransmissionSpecEngineNissan Part Number
A18-E24 ER51995AutomaticCaliA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-B42 EE81995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U10
A18-B42 EM11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U12
A18-B42 EL11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U13
A18-E11 EQ11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U14
A18-E11 ER11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U17
A18-H80 E3S1995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-B41 EL019955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-
A18-B41 EM019955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-
A18-E10 ER019955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U04
A18-H79 E3R19955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-40U06
A18 E12 EQ219955-Speed ManualCaliA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-B41-EL019955-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-B42-EL11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-E11-ER11995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-C85-EX91995AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-C85-EY11996AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-L00 0E11996AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE23710-54U16
A18-C84 EY019965-Speed ManualCanadaA32-VQ30DE23710-54U01
A18-C84 EX819965-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE23710-54U03
A18-H92 E4B19965-Speed ManualCanadaA32-VQ30DE23710-54U05
A18-E65 EZ719965-Speed ManualOutside USA32-VQ30DE23710-56U62
A18-L01 0E219965-Speed ManualOutside USA32-VQ30DE 23710-56U66
A18-C84-EX819965-Speed ManualCanadaA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-F55 E0N19975-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-J08-E5Y1998AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-G70-E5U19985-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N10-Z901999AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N11-Z911999AutomaticFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N12-Z9219995-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-J50-4E619995-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N07-Z8719995-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-
A18-N04-Z8419995-Speed ManualFedA32-VQ30DE 23710-

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If you have a mail-in performance-tuned ECU from Nisformance with advanced map selection features, below are the steps to activate it:

  1. Hold COAST SET
  2. While holding COAST SET hit the CANCEL button x number of times to select desired tune (1 through 5).

For example, to set map #2 you would hold COAST SET hit the CANCEL button 2 times. The SET indicator will flash two times to let you know you have selected map # 2.


Community Member Credit: Ben Garner

The ECU monitors the transmission-mounted speed sensor to determine vehicle speed. When the vehicle speed limit is reached, the ECU cuts the fuel flow to the engine to slow the car. Ok, in no way do I condone breaking any laws. I figured out how to get rid of the speed limiter on the 4thgen with automatic transmission. This also works on 5thgen Maxima with automatic transmission. 

The signal path for the vehicle speed sensor is as follows:

  • Sensor to Speedometer
  • Speedometer to ECU & Cruise Control

If the signal is interrupted at the actual connection to the ECU, speedometer, odometer, and cruise control functions are preserved. The ECU does not receive a vehicle speed signal, therefore it will not limit the vehicle speed. This modification is easy. But beware, it does include modification of the factory ECU wiring harness…not for the inexperienced.

Tools and Supplies Needed:

  • Socket Wrench
  • Socket Wrench Extension
  • 12mm Socket
  • Crimp Tool

Disconnect the negative battery terminal

Remove ECU cover from passenger side footwell.

Loosen bolt in the center of the main ECU connector using your 12 mm Socket / Socket Wrench and Extension.

Unplug the main ECU connector. Remove snap-on plastic cover from ECU connector.

Locate PINK wire with BLUE stripe. (This wire is located on the right half of the connector when plugged in ECU PIN 29)

Cut PINK/BLUE Wire (It is recommended that you wire this up to a separate switch so you can turn it on/off when needed. Ensure that you do not cut the Fuel Temp Wire as it is also PINK/BLUE)

If you check the codes, you will get P0104 (Vehicle speed sensor fault) and P0504 (A/T control unit fault). To prevent the CEL you can use a switch to switch on/off for the quick burst for going over 120+ MPH. So far there have been no drivability problems associated with this mod.

Reassemble ECU connection and Reconnect negative battery terminal.

Verify the speed limiter/governor is removed by going past your previously limited speed.

Image result for 4thgen maxima speedometer

Disclaimer: This mod is entirely up to you so do this at your own risk. This modification will cause the “check engine” light to illuminate.

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Here’s a slide show I pulled together this morning after I removed the ECU from my 99 Maxima. I read some ECU removal instructions and was able to remove the ECU in about 20 minutes or less.

While I purchased a new Offset Ratchet Screwdriver Tool with a #2 Phillips, once I started the job, I quickly realized my existing 8mm Swivel Head Gear Wrench would stay mounted on the ECU bracket bolts and make the removal go faster.

Name: Slide1_zpsc8bf47fc.jpg Views: 244 Size: 40.4 KB

Step 1 – Disconnect Battery

Name: Slide2_zps5d3b45af.jpg Views: 269 Size: 56.7 KB

Step 2 – Remove ECU Covers

Name: Slide3_zps1d9192e3.jpg Views: 232 Size: 26.6 KB

Step 3 – Remove ECU Wiring Harness

Name: Slide4_zpsa3c113c6.jpg Views: 237 Size: 33.4 KB

Step 4 – Remove Left Side ECU Mounting Bracket Bolts

Name: Slide5_zpsfbc6c657.jpg Views: 296 Size: 44.1 KB

Step 5 – Remove Right Side ECU Mounting Bracket Bolts

Name: Slide6_zps687ba3ce.jpg Views: 307 Size: 48.1 KB

Step 6 – Lower ECU Away From Mounting Bracket

Name: Slide7_zps627d5464.jpg Views: 322 Size: 38.7 KB

Step 7 – Remove ECU

Name: Slide8_zps75b91577.jpg Views: 360 Size: 35.5 KB

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While this is advertised as Plug-n-Play, it’s really not. You have to run some extra shielded wires for two signals as it does not come with with the crank and cam signal wires. This has happened to about 4 maxima owners who purchased this harness. Overall, the harness does work but it’s not straight plug-n-play and questionable if its worth $500. Car may or may not run without these wires so please keep this in mind.

Order Link: https://turbokits.com/Nissan/Maxima/Engine_Management/

Product Info:

These are harnesses for the use of Haltech’s Elite 2500 units.

  • The Elite has full control of fuel and ignition timing.
  • Choose your specific vehicle in the dropdown menu and then select the Elite unit you wish to use.
  • Eight cylinder engines are best suited to the Elite 2500 or 2000 to retain sequential injection and direct fire ignition.
  • Six cylinder engines are best suited to the Elite 2500, 2000, or 750 to retain sequential injection and direct fire ignition.
  • Four cylinder engines can be operated with any of the available Elite units and still retain sequential injection and direct fire ignition.
  • ONLY the Elite 1500 and 2500 have drive by wire throttle control!
  • In some instances, the factory ECU remains in place to control dash gauges, drive-by-wire throttle systems, and other amenities.
  • Fully plug and play. Easy to install. Easy to uninstall.
  • Boomslang fabricates the sub-harnesses. No cores needed.
  • Saves time, hard-wiring costs, and your factory wire harness.