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As you know may know, the generic short shifters do not come with a bolt. These use roller bearings (what you find in skateboards) and the factory bolt is too large to pass through.

Now, the important thing with this bolt is that the smooth shaft is the right diameter and length to fit into the roller bearings of the new shifter… The rest can be modified from here… See the pic for a description.

The rounding of the hex part is necessary for the bolt to sit snugly in the factory bracket, see the 2 bolts side by side.
I used a dremel type tool to round off the portion of the hex head. It helps to use a new cut off wheel as it’s edges are nice and square and not rounded.

The bolt actually has a round indentation which I used as a guide while grinding.

You’ll need some washers to fill the space as the new shifter is not as wide as the original. Buy a few various thickness washers and see what fits best. Oh, and use a washer before the nut as well.

Important: DO NOT TIGHTEN THE NUT TOO MUCH OR SHIFTING WILL BE STIFF! Just tighten it till it’s snug, then back it off about a 1/2 turn or so. The nylon locking nut will stay in place.

Hope it helps some of the guys who don’t have the cash to buy a brand name shifter with all the complete parts but want it done cheap and right…


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