Credit: redlinegoods

To install on an automatic, you need to wedge the shift boot between the shifter assembly and the trim piece surrounding it. Therefore it is necessary to remove that surrounding trim.

When removing the trim piece surrounding the shifter, hazard switch and power outlet, the thing to be cautious about is the shifter trim (the silver piece with the gear labels). If you hit the front of that with the underside of the trim piece you are removing, it may get scratched.

Take time & care when doing this, and you should be OK. If you’re really concerned about it, you can put tape or something over the edge of the silver piece first to avoid scratching it. Now, take a very small flathead screwdriver (as in a glasses repair kit) and wrap the tip in an old t-shirt or rag. Then carefully worm it between the large trim piece and the rest of the console starting at the rear nearest the cup holders. You will be able to lift the trim up enough to squeeze another screwdriver in there. Work your way around left and right until you can get your fingers under the trim. Then slide your fingers under and pull up to disengage clips. There are clips to the left and right of the shifter and then closer to the climate control. You will be able to pull up/back and disengage all of these clips. Then you have to worm the trim out from under the climate control. I found it to be easier to remove the trim with the shifter in either the 3rd gear or 2nd gear position.

Once you have the large trim piece free, you can either turn the piece carefully to one side or the other, or you can remove the trim entirely by disconnecting the hazard switch, power outlet, and compartment light harnesses. Now open the Velcro strips from each other so you can slip the boot over the shift knob and pull it down snug around the silver shift indicator piece, making sure to get the stitched seams positioned at the four corners. Carefully reinstall the trim piece (with black gasket in place) back over the shifter and under the climate control. It will take some effort to get the trim & gasket back over the leather and shift plate, but if you start at one corner and work your way around it will go on. The snug fit between gasket & leather will keep the boot in place. Now snap the trim back in place. Here is a more pictoresque documentation! 🙂