Member Credit: chriscummings83

I didn’t see an install guide for the 2016 Maxima. It’s pretty simple but there are a few tricks.

1. Open the hood and on the right and left fender there is a fabric gasket that has 4 push tabs. Remove them and move the mesh out of the way. Now when you go through the wheel area you can see where to route your wires.

2. Move the wheel inward depending on which side your installing. Remove the 3 plastic clips and there will be a little tab on the plastic near the bumper you can insert a flat head and pull back the plastic to gain access.

3. Acknowledge the bulb position and the way you twisted to remove it. Then have the HID ready to do the same in reverse. Make sure it goes in and doesn’t wiggle.

4. Get up and stand over the side you are installing. Put the ballast and the igniter on the side channel and run the wires down to the wheel from the top.

5. Sit back down and plug it all in. Easy Red wire to red from the factory harness.

6. I zip tied the ballast or you can double side tape.

7. Reinstall the mesh fabric gasket and boom. You cannot see it and beautiful.

Mesh Gasket on the right

You can see where I zip tied and the wires running down into the wheel area