Member Credit: R1talin

Decided to make a new from grill, the emblem is just way too big (IMHO) and detracts from the lines on the front end of this car. Bought a new grill to start working on, got a nice deal on it from a black friday dealership sale.

Dremeled and filed everything out

Fiber-glassed and compounded the base from where the emblem was removed

Primed the frame

I ordered the grill material from i wanted something thick and as close to the factory look as possible

This next part was a lot of trial and error, fiberglass didn’t want to stick to the abs plastic, tried tiger hair stranded fiber and results were not good…third times a charm….ended up testing some JB quik and this stuff was money! really bonded well to the plastic. lot of time spent cutting/forming and sanding to get the grill to where i was happy with it

Final sanding before paint


Painted gloss black

Out with the old and in with the new:

Bumper back in place

Wrapped chrome trim in carbon fiber to match the rest of the car

Finished product….. I absolutely love it!