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1. ECU pinout for 99 is much different than 95-98’s. Regarding installation of the EU, pin 44 needs to be changed to pin 46.

2. Jumper Pin 13 must be set to OPEN (not 1-2 as shown on page 27 of Dan’s writeup), otherwise your fans will not kick on and your car will overheat. I’ve tested this. Thanks for the footnote Dan!!

3. The 99 FSM is all screwed up, so don’t go by it. Hours and hours were wasted trying to figure out the 99 FSM and compare it to the other year FSM’s I have. The 99 FSM led me to believe that 3 pinouts had to be changed at first. Before I hacked or cut a single wire, I did a continuity test (per Dan’s recommendation) and figured out which wires were really what. Only one wire on Dandy’s ECU diagram had to be switched as stated above.

4. My Emanage Ultimate is version D. I don’t have any CEL’s!!
This illustrates that resistors don’t need to be soldered in (for version D).

5. Also, I have no issues with burning/melting coilpacks as some have experienced.

Last but not least, I would like to give a big thank you to Dan (Dandymax). I sent him 3 or 4 emails asking for help/clarification on several issues before the install. Dan always got back to me within 24 hours or so and provided in-depth explanations. With his awesome write-up and his “tech support”, he made the install a breeze and trouble-free. Lastly, I found many, many mistakes in Greddy’s install manual (more on that later), but couldn’t find one in Dan’s writeup! Great job Dan!

Additional Info

The red connections you see are for the wires that get tapped. The taps are 2.5″ of wire with a female connection on the end. I crimped a male connector on each of Greddy’s bare tap wires. It did it this way so the EU can be removed quickly and easily from the system if need be.

The clear connections are the connections Greddy provided and are for the intercepted lines. It worked out really nice because Greddy would put a female connection on say Injector #1 IN and a male connection on the Injector #1 OUT. All I did was crimp on the opposite of each onto the OEM harness. If the EU is taken out of the car, the female/male Greddy connections will join together and the car is back to stock.

I plan on installing it under the seat and running the harness cable under the center console for a super clean look. When it’s done, it will look like it’s not even there……


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