Member Credit: EddyMaxx (Thanks to Alejandro Filpo for the Relay Recommendation)

Initially, I was going to do resistors on my 2002 5thgen Maxima which has the infamous hyper blinking turn signals. This happened after installing LED bulbs on Taillights. I personally do not like the hyper flash and wanted to get rid of it. Alejandro recommended an easier approach which simply just required changing the Flasher Relay. This is way better than the resistors (as you know resistors can get very hot).

Very simple plug-n-play swap!

eBay Description: 3-Pin Car Flasher Relay LED Light Turn Signal Hyper Flash CF13 JL-02 EP34 NEW
Price: $3-5 Bucks
Order Link:

You basically just need to swap the one below labeled “Turn Signal Flasher” with the one from above and you are all set.

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