Last Updated: 09/25/2023 @ 06:28 am

Owner: Desmond St Louis

Year: 1995
Model: Maxima
Color: Burgundy
Engine: Gen1 VQ35DE (Full 3.5 Timing on Haltech 2500)
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Trim: SE


  • The Build, wiring and Fabrication done by King Shom Lion Neysmith
  • The Tuning was Done by the legend The Great Wayne Speed Blair
  • On gate, @15psi it made 556whp, 581whp, 583whp.
  • The power pull 649.9whp 574.9tq was on @22psi ran out of injectors 1200cc.
  • On June 30th, it made 706 WHP / 632 TQ.


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