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I am 98% sure of this set up for ALL years listed, there can be no confusion with my Guide, because it does NOT rely on color codes. The color codes change between years so DO NOT rely on them.
You want to hook up according to TERMINALS. The terminal designations are the same for 2000/2001, and for 2002/2003.

This set up WILL work on Canadian OR US models, DRL or not.

Just follow the terminal designations I’ve provided and you’ll be fine.

Here is the Complete hook up guide:

2000/2001 ————— Headlights —————- 2002/2003

Terminal 3 R——————————–Terminal 4 R (high beam)
Terminal 3 R——————————–Terminal 1 R (low /HID)
Terminal 1 R——————————–Terminal 5 R
Terminal 3 L——————————–Terminal 4 L
Terminal 3 L——————————–Terminal 1 L
Terminal 2 L——————————–Terminal 2 L (ground supply low beam)
Terminal 2 R——————————–Terminal 2 R (ground supply Low Beam)
Terminal 1 L——————————–Terminal 5 L



Terminal 1 (coloured)———————-Terminal 3 (red/yellow[coloured]) Positive
Terminal 2 (black)————————-Terminal 2 (black/yellow[black]) Ground



Terminal 3 L (g/b [coloured] +)—————-Terminal 1 L (g/b [coloured] +)
Terminal 2 L (black -) ————————–Terminal 2 L (black -) 
Terminal 3 R (g/y [coloured] +)—————-Terminal 1 R (g/y [coloured] +
Terminal 2 R (black -) ————————–Terminal 2 R (black -)

These are the relevant power-flow wiring diagrams, for clarification of the above Guide, should you need it:

2000 headlights DRL CANADA:

2000 Headlights USA:

2000 Parking Lamp in Headlight:

2000 Signals in headlamp (same E24/E45 harness as parking):

2003 Headlights DRL Canada:

2003 Headlights USA:

2003 Parking lights in Headlight (same E161/E165 connector as Headlights):

2003 Signal in headlight (different harness from parking lights):

Here is a pic to show you guys what harnesses you need. This is a temporary post until I complete the DIY portion.

The harnesses circled in RED are NOT necessary, they plug into the ballasts, and SHOULD be included with your headlights. If you bought aftermarket headlights with OEM ballasts, you will need them. If you bought aftermarket headlights with aftermarket ballasts, you’ll need just the marker light harness (generic, but OEM is recommended).

Note, you WILL NEED bulbs of course, but they are NOT part of the harness, you can purchase them separately (for the noobs that aren’t sure), marker light type is 168.

This is what you need for harnesses:

2 – HID harnesses
2 – High Beam Harnesses (Bulb type is 9005)
2 – Signal Harnesses (Bulb type is 7440)


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