Last Updated: 04/15/2023 @ 07:35 am

Kirill made a limited special run of clutch pedal spacers for 5-speed and 6-speed. This is a one piece 5/8 thick aluminum spacer, it gets installed on the inside of the firewall for auto to manual swapped Maxima’s.

$65.00 bucks shipped within the US. You can join my4thgen FB group for more details and ordering from Kirill (if there are more available). ALL SOLD!


If you’ve seen what’s spacing the clutch pedal in OEM form, anyone can benefit from this. The stock spacer is a tiny piece of bent steel, this provides a nice solid mounting point for the pedal, great for heady pressure plates. But keep in mind, if your car was manual when it was born, you’d need to drill out the stock spacer to use this. Auto to manual swapped cars, this is the best plug and play option. Great alternative to 5/8s worth of flat washers.

The Spacers




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