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I was thinking about making a solid shifter bushing when I came across this on a Sentra forum. It uses Energy Suspension sway bar bushings. Part # 9.5101
I paid $20 for a set of two. Only downside is that you can’t buy them individually.

The shifts don’t feel as smooth, but they do feel much more solid. I do feel a bit more vibration in the shifter. These impressions are with ES Motor mounts and NWP TQ Link installed. Overall I’m very happy with this mod.

Only one modification is needed. You need to cut off the lip on one side of the bushing, otherwise the support rod won’t fit back in. I also used one of the washers these bushings came with under the bolt on the rear of the shifter bushing.

Some of the pictures suck, I’ll retake some when I get around to it.

Stock bushing vs unmodified ES bushing (I had already installed the modified one)


Energy Suspension:


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