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I purchased the Akebono calipers, pads, etc. However, I just couldn’t go thru with adding that much unnecessary rotor weight to my car. And I’m talking about the Z1 “light weight” 2 piece ($1300) front and rear rotors. Even those add a ton of F/R weight because they are so large in diameter.

I decided to go my own route. I started working on a light weight solution using 350z rear Brembos and 2 piece rotors. The front will use 350z 2 piece rotors and a larger Brembo caliper from a genesis track spec.

2016 Maxima OEM
Front – 320 x 28 (22.5 lbs)
Rear – 307 x 16 (12.8 lbs)

G37/370z w/ Akebonos
Front – 355mm x 32mm (30.60 lbs)
Rear – 350mm x 20mm (20.9 lbs”)
Rront 2 piece = 21 lbs
Rear 2 piece = 16 lbs

350z w/ Brembos
Front – 324mm x 30mm (20.5 lbs)
Rear – 322mm x 22mm (17 lbs)
Front 2 piece = 15 lbs
Rear 2 piece = 13 lbs


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