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Member Credit: Nathan Davis

This write-up will help you make your own Audi R8 Coil Pack connectors. This version is very nice and clean. You can also hit up Nathan Davis on Facebook if you would like for him to make you a set.

Important Note: On the VQ35DE (2002-2008), you will need to use NWP Spacers for the Coil Packs to sit properly. The Gen2 VQ35DE (2009+) do not require spacers. You will also need the adapters to plug them in or make your own by splicing directly.

Audi R8 Coil Pack Connector 

Nissan Coil Pack Connector

Additional Items: 

  • 1” by 4” Heat Shrink
  • Terminal Crimpers
  • Heat Gun
  • Wire Strippers

Wiring Diagram

Connector Soldering 

Final Product

Installation Photos

Audi R8 Coil Pack Advantages:

  • 50,000 volts compared to Nissans/Infiniti 30,000 volts.
    • Some measure it with Kv so Nissans coils put out 21Kv while VW coils put out 30Kv
  • Quicker Heat dissipation. (Because of its metal body construction it can quickly dissipate heat. Nissan OEM body is made out of rubber that isolates heat instead of disperses it.)
  • More complete burn of the fuel mixture compared to OEM Nissan which equals to better MPG.
  • Idle Stability Improved
  • NO CEL (Check Engine Lights)
  • BEST PART ABOUT THEM IS THEY ARE CHEAPER $$$ than Nissan OEM yet they are much better.
  • Looks 10000% Cooler than OEM Coilpacks

Now the coil packs price varies due to different name brands. They range from $132-$216 for a V6 engine. Below is the link of the coil packs below so you can see the prices and brands. Doesn’t matter which brand you use. They all make the same exact power.

Order Link:


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