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Introducing The Nissan Maxima 7GM/8GM Shockwave Tuned Helmholtz Exhaust System. This exhaust works on both 7thgens (2009-2015) and 8thgens (2016 to Present).

Full Exhaust Price: $1,429.00
ART Y-Pipe Price: $592.00

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A high quality build, completely polished, TIG welded Stainless Steel 304 tubing with a 2.5″ inlet and dual 3″ outlets utilizing carefully tuned Helmholtz resonators for precise sound control. This high performance system provides a bright and deep warble with high detail in the exhaust note. At idle and cruising speed the sound level is clean and moderate but when you step on it and bring it up to high RPM it really earns its name the Shockwave.

The uniquely shaped midpipe muffler allows for gradual wave expansion into the sound dampening fiberglass for greatly reduced drone and rasp. The midpipe muffler uses 3 stages of high, mid and low frequency sound attenuation. The first stage of the is 3.5″ diameter and it works like a small glass packed resonator. A small resonator is effective at reducing the high frequency content of rasp while a large muffler is better at lower frequencies. The 3.5″ section then expands to a 5″ diameter glass packed resonator where the sound then expands to a thicker layer of fiberglass for midrange sound attenuation. The back end of the midpipe muffler is leads into an axially aligned protruding annular orifice that gives the equivalent of a 8″ diameter. The total sound reduction is performed in three stages of high, mid and low frequencies for broad band sound reduction. Smooth deep sound with pure straight through flow. The flow is then divided into a dual 3″ axle-back section that uses 2 large Helmholtz side-branch resonators for sound control. Combined with the ART y-pipe the result is straight through flow with deep sound, no drone and no rasp.

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