Credit: Robert Garcia


  • There are no modifications, just straightening the bottom part of it because the Q50 rails are wider.
  • The Maxima brackets are finally getting welded onto the Q50 seats. Wiring is simple; only tap into the negative and positive, and the seat goes forward and back, up and down. Can’t wait for the outcome!
  • I only need positive and negative feedback on the seats to work. Yes, the seats are slightly slanted towards the left and right, and they are also too close to the center console. However, I will be removing them again and welding the brackets on the opposite side further inside so they can sit right in the middle. As for them being tilted, my dad gave me the idea of using washers or a certain type of spacers with longer bolts to raise them from the opposite side so they can sit as straight as possible.
  • The last picture shows the driver-side OEM harness connecting to my Q50 harness. I did this so I can simply get the plug from the OEM seat, connect it to the main body harness, and tap into the Q50 harness. This acts as a bridge in between, making it plug and play.




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