Traction Rods are used to absorb unwanted deflection in the OEM control arm. Largely do to the OEM’s rubber bushings, under hard acceleration the control arms natural motion of up and down can be compromised by the forces created as the axles try to turn the front wheels. This deflection is then translated in to things like wheel hop and under some circumstances, torque steer.

Price: $149.99
Part Number: TR-A35

Traction Rods help to ensure the correct suspension geometry under acceleration and stop the “toe-in/toe-out” condition created when the car is under load. This assists in power transmission to the ground and therefore faster acceleration in straight lines and coming out of corners in both wet and dry conditions. Some additional toe adjustment for front alignment may also be obtained.

Easily mounts to the car in less than one hour. Almost no ground clearance is lost during the installation of these Traction Rods. As measured on a vehicle lowered 2″, the lowest point of the kit is 1/4″ higher than the subframe and directly in line with the wheels center line so there is no risk of scraping the rod on a speed bump.

Perfect for any car that sees track duty, whether it be drag or autoX, the difference in feel and power transmission is felt immediately!

Optional Stainless steel joint are available to ensure long service life, especially for vehicles the see sno/salt

All hardware and instructions are included.


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