Credit: Sam Jacobs

Completed the installation of eBay Cefiro mirrors today. The guide on my4dsc was accurate, yet I decided to include some photos and additional information about the folding mechanism, as it has some unique aspects.

The turn signals and foot lights were accurate, so just follow that and you’ll have no issues. White and black wires are the negatives for those.

Folding Part

  • Moving on to the folding functionality. The switch has five wires. I didn’t use the red wire because I prefer not to have a bright blue light at night. The essential wire is the blue one marked “ACC,” which should be connected to power when the key is in the ACC position. It’s beneficial for both you and your car to use a fuse box wire (as shown in the picture). I used a 15amp fuse and connected the blue wire directly to it. This setup ensures that it only works when the key is in the ACC position, preventing it from staying on.
  • Then, ground the switch. There are several suitable grounding points under the dash; I chose to connect mine to the factory ground to ensure reliability.
  • After grounding the switch, you’ll have only two wires remaining: white and green. When threading the wires through the door, I also ran two extra wires to make future work easier. Keep in mind, mine aren’t color-coded, so don’t rely on that for guidance. Coincidentally, I used white extension wires for both of the pink wires from the mirror, which are your positive connections. Connect the pink wire from the mirror (extended with white in my case) to the white wire from the switch. The orange wire from the mirror (my extensions were red and yellow) should be connected to the green wire from the switch.

All you have to do now is clean up your wiring job, mount the switch, and put the car back together. Enjoy! Hope this helps some of ya’ll out.



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