Credit: Jungmin Lee

To integrate a factory steering wheel control from an A32 model into a Pioneer head unit, particularly in KDM SM5 vehicles, some modifications are necessary. This task was accomplished by employing a combination of soldering and the use of a signal converter module.

The specific module used for this conversion was the EX-PSCAJK, which performs a similar function to the ASCW-1. Essentially, any module capable of translating the factory steering wheel control signals to a format suitable for aftermarket head units would suffice. The unique aspect of the SM5’s factory steering wheel control is that it has a separate circuit for each button, unlike more contemporary cars which use varying resistance values for different signals. To address this, 470 ohm resistors were soldered to each button to create distinct resistance values. This step was crucial for generating variable signals. Finally, to streamline the setup, five wires were merged into a single connection, which was then attached to the module. This modification successfully enabled the use of the original steering controls with the new Pioneer head unit, combining the car’s original functionality with modern technology.


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