Credit: kasemodz

I decided to upgrade my carpc that I had done last year. If anyone is interested in looking at the old setup, here is the link

Some Problems with the old Setup:

  • Too much Power Consumption
  • Bugs with home made startup/shutdown controller
  • Static Noise heard
  • Long USB cables causing signal problems
  • Long bootup time

So I got rid of the old setup and had the following new components:

  • Intel D410PT MINI ITX Motherboard w/ Fanless 1.6 GHZ Intel Atom Processor
  • Corsair 32GB SSD Drive
  • TUFF N TINY 4GB Flash Drive
  • Nlite Windows Xp Professional SP2
  • Custom Plexiglas enclosure designed to fit completely behind the dashboard
  • M4-ATX Startup/Shutdown Controller
  • OEM Nissan Heated Switch integrated for on/off purposes
  • Custom Integrated USB Port in the Ashtray
  • I still kept the same devices (like the Garmin GPS, OBDII controller) but I decided to store all my music in a flash drive. Since the software I was using was Centrafuse 3.1, it still did not support ipod capibility with iphones and itouches, I decided that there is no point in storing the music on an ipod.

The old setup

So, now the new stuff, the goal of this project was to:

  • Keep the existing OEM look
  • Fix all problems from previous setup
  • Integrate everything behind the dash
  • Keep the new project on a budget.

Next, I wired my OEM Nissan Heated seat warmer switch. I wired it up for use and then used a 2000 grit wet and dry sandpaper to remove the marking off the switch.

Next, I made my wiring diagram which is shown below.


Here are some install pictures. Below you will see my plexiglass enclosure. The design came out perfect, I had only a few mm in tolerance around the edges. I also fitted a small fan to blow any heat generated.

Now doing a test run.

Here is the finished setup with everything working, as you can see the new switch at its location.

My USB port integrated into the ash tray



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