Community Member Credit: CS_AR

This afternoon I installed an NWP Engine Torque Link on the 98 GLE automatic. Installation was quick and easy. NWP does a “first-class” job on packaging and instructions for this product.

I’ve been running an NWP torque bar on the 99 SE 5-MT for 3 years. It really provides a nice tight feel and practically eliminates any engine rock during take-off and downshifting.

For the 98 models GLE automatic, it gives a more direct feel and eliminated some of the sloppy feelings that comes from engine movement with an automatic. I now feel more connected to the engine when driving — like it has a little more torque. Any wheel hop that it had before the installation is now unnoticeable.

The engine mounts are in very good shape on both cars. By reducing engine rock, I believe these torque links help extend the life of engine mounts.

Here’s a picture below.


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