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In the maintenance section of the owner’s manual it does not mention changing the power steering fluid. However, for many years I have always changed it every year. With the constant thermal cycling, and the stress of being pressurized to 1,266 psi, it must slowly break down. The following procedure cost less than $4.00, and takes 15 minutes.

Use a turkey baster to collect the old power steering fluid.

Transfer it to a container to be recycled. This process will need to be repeated a few times. You can remove most of power steering fluid from reservoir this way. A baffle at the bottom prevents us from removing it all.

If you want to empty the power steering reservoir, disconnect the hose with the arrow. The entire contents will empty out, but it is difficult to catch it in a container due to the A/C line. Reconnect the hose, and tighten the hose clamp.

Fill the reservoir to the COLD MAX line using Dexron II or Dexron III, depending on the year of the car.
Put the cap back on and you are done.

This simple procedure will change about half the power steering fluid, (More if you remove the hose at the bottom of the reservoir) and should ensure a long life for your power steering pump, and steering rack.


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