Community Member Credit: CS_AR

Last night while driving Max IV, the check engine light came on. I suspected it was another Evap system related code. So I go home and plug in my OBD2 scanner. The scanner fails to connect. I had no scanner lights, no scanning, no activity from the reader. Oh great. It seemed like the OBD2 port was dead. It was.

Next I tried the scanner on Max III and it worked as expected. So this is a Max IV specific problem.

To rewind a couple of weeks when I was working on an antenna replacement, I managed to blow a couple of 7.5 fuses in a slot named ELEC PARTS. This fuse is located on the 3rd row from the right at the top. The clock will not function if this fuse is blown. Since I knew I had a blown 7.5 amp fuse, I picked up a 3-pack of fuses a couple of days earlier. I had already planned to replace the fuse to get the clock running this weekend.

Here’s a picture from Kevlo911 that shows the ELEC PARTS fuse location.