A Techtom MDM-100 Monitor allows the driver to view a number of engine sensor parameters in real time using ECU data. It is plug-n-play and installs in seconds! Long recognized as the most advanced monitor for Nissans, the MDM-100 allows you to watch two different parameters/sensors at the same time, and in real time.

Important Note: This only works on 1995-1996 Nissan Maxima ECUs.

PDF Document: MDM100N1inst


  • Multiple gauges in one small body
  • Easy connection to diagnostic port
  • Reads parameters as ECU does
  • Displays two parameters simultaneously
  • Simple to operate and install
  • Supports option alarm unit AL-100

Within seconds you can have the MDM-100 plugged in and displaying engine readings on its easy-to-read backlit LCD. You can see 2 sets of readings on one screen. Additional ECU data is easily obtained using the easy-to-operate 3 button control. Examples: Speed and Water Temp Battery and Ignition Timing.

Functions of Techtom MDM-100
Screen Display Parameter Unit Measured
AFM1, AFM2 Air Flow Meter Voltage
INJ1, INJ2 Injector Open Time Milliseconds
IGN Ignition Timing Degrees
WTEMP Water Temperature Fahrenheit
ITEMP Intake Air Temperature Fahrenheit
BATT Battery Voltage
THP Throttle Position Sensor Voltage
O2S1, O2S2 O2 Sensor Voltage
O2-1, O2-2 O2 Sensor Condition Lean/Rich
IDL-SW Idle Switch On/Off
NTL-SW Neutral Switch On/Off
POWERST-SW Power Steering Switch On/Off
AIRCON-SW A/C Switch On/Off


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