Last Updated: 04/20/2019 @ 08:38 am

Member Credit: Candelario Amaya Jr

This my review on Xrross Android stereo. Installed into my 2014 Maxima without Bose or color screen. Had to use Axxess ASWC-1 for steering wheel controls and ASWC-1 programmed to Pioneer/Jensen. It is a great unit, the one installed is the higher end as of now.

I have been using it for a few days and updated it. Yes, it can be updated. I suggest a 4G dongle or talk to your carrier for a device to add WiFi to your car to get full effect of this. The unit in video also has two sets of AV RCA jacks. Also have headrest monitors connected to unit. Sorry for not showing that.

Model #: X7502A6-S
Price: $249.00

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