Last Updated: 12/22/2018 @ 01:03 pm

Owner: Tyrique Abraham

Year: 2016
Model: Maxima
Color:  Coulis Red (NAW)

My 2016 Maxima was purchased January 17th 2016. Brand spanking new. I quickly started doing small mods i.e. Tints, led conversion and caliper paint. As time went by I realized what a beast the Maxima could potentially be.

 I started digging deep into my creativity and pockets to create my dream built. I started reaching out to local companies in hopes of getting sponsored. I then got sponsored by impulse automotive in Lanham, Maryland. Soon after that I was sponsored by Vossen wheels. I got my set of Vossen wheels for a price I cannot disclose  After my wheels ,I saved up my money to buy the airlift 3P management system. Then got installed by Luigimotorsport in Laurel, MD. This was when I started getting a lot of publicity from the larger companies. I reached out to Stillen and they agreed to sponsor me as well.

Now is where the fun started happening. I made appearances at the ocean city car show, import expo at the dc convention center and clean culture x import expo at FedEx field. I quickly started gaining attention and winning prizes at the shows I attend.

Now my little beast has been on Nissan’s page, as well as Stillen and Vossen’s page. 2 major companies in the car world. This car is my daily driver but doubles as my car show beast. I call it my baby GTR. It has the GTR steering wheel and the GTR exhaust tips. As close to a GTR as I’m ever going to get. 

Mod list: Full interior LED package, Apple iPad vent mounts, front fog light and headlight HID conversion, Engine lights, Mirimoto rgb demon eyes , starry night angel eyes, Stillen front splitter and rear diffuser, custom carbon fiber front splitter and carbon fiber rods, custom side splitters, Bc coil overs and UAS sport bags. Airlift 3p management system, sundown audio 15″ zb4 subwoofer and soundstream 2500 watt amp, stillen intake, CXJ performance intake manifold spacer, full custom 2.75inch piping exhaust with gtr 5′ Titan tips. Painted brake calipers, Vossen vfs-6 wheels wrapped in Nitto invo tires. 


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